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Palitos de Pollo Gourmet Pequeño

| 25g | 1 pieza


Palito de pollo grande

60 g. 1 pieza


Palito de cordero y arroz pequeño

25 g. 1 pieza


Palito de cordero y arroz grande

60 g. 1 pieza



Palo de bacalao del Atlántico

28 g. 1 pieza



Pies de Pollo Hinchados

18 g. 1 pieza


Pies de Pollo

16 g. 1 pieza


Oreja de conejo lisa

10 g. 1 pieza


Oreja de conejo peluda

10 g. 1 pieza



60 g. 4 piezas


Gola de ternera plana

20 g. 1 pieza


Pulmón de vaca

| 40g



30 g. 1 pieza


Carne de vaca Paddywack

| 35g


Hocico de cerdo hinchado

40 g. 1 pieza


Cola de vaca

20 g. 1 pieza


Cola de vaca con piel

20 g. 1 pieza


Oreja de cerdo de grado A

50 g. 1 pieza


Piel de vacuno masticable

1 pieza


Oreja de vacuno grande

50 g. 1 pieza



Oreja de vaca con pelo

1 pieza



40 g. 1 pieza


Piel de búfalo

30 g. 1 pieza


Bully Stick

| 1 pieza


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100% natural

La próxima vez que compre chuches para perros, compruebe los ingredientes. Se sorprenderá de la cantidad de sustancias químicas e ingredientes desagradables que contienen esos productos. En Natural Treats, todas nuestras chuches son 100% naturales y sin horribles aditivos.

Amplia gama de beneficios para la salud

Cada golosina para perros tiene diferentes beneficios nutricionales para apoyar a su perro a lo largo de su vida y son ideales para perros con alergias

Fácil y cómodo

Suscríbase y reciba la caja de chuches para perros en su casa cuando lo desee. También puede adquirir la caja como compra única sin necesidad de suscribirse. La elección es tuya.

Deshidratado y de larga duración

Todas nuestras chuches para perros se deshidratan para eliminar la humedad y garantizar que se mantengan frescas.

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Common Questions About Natural Dog Treats

If you do not find the answer below, please use our LIVE CHAT feature to speak to us directly. We are happy to help.

Yes. Every single dog treat and chew is 100% natural. For our sausage products, only natural ingredients are used. We do not us any additives or unnatural preservatives.

We use no plastic in any of our packaging. While this is good for the environment, it is not perfect for keeping the snacks as fresh as possible.

When the box arrives, please transfer the treats to an airtight container in a cool dry place. They do not need to be placed in a fridge. This will preserve their freshness and they will last many weeks.

We understand all dogs are different. You can either create your own box and choose which treats you would like, or, you can swap items in your box for extras of others. To make changes to your box, simply let us know in the order comments section on checkout, or contact us. We are happy to make any changes needed to fit your dog’s needs and tastes.

No. All our natural treats are produced for consumption for dogs and have to follow strict measures set out by the EU. 

For example, the chicken feet are carefully dehydrated (not cooked) to ensure they are safe for dogs.

As with any dog food product, you should supervise your dog at all times while they have their snack and discard of any bits that may break off that they should not swallow.

Always provide clean, fresh drinking water.

We suggest one treat a day to gain the full health benefits these snacks provide.

You do not need to change their normal main eating habits. Most people use one treat a day as an afternoon snack, or as a reward, or for training purposes.

Yes. Every treat has been prepared especially for the consumption for dogs and pass all EU regulations and checks. There are no large bones that splinter. For example, the chicken feet are dehydrated so the bones crumble and are fully digestible and healthy for all dogs.

Some smell more than others, but none that “stink badly”. Remember, these treats are 100% natural and contain no chemicals that some commercially produced treats can have. Any smells will be natural and are one of the main reasons why dogs go crazy for them. Because for dogs, they smell like roses.

We offer both monthly subscriptions and one time purchases. You can choose which option you want on the product page when making a purchase.

You can cancel your subscription by visiting the My Account page and Subscriptions.

If it is a temporary cancellation, please contact us and we can pause your subscription so you do not loose any offers you may be on.

We ship all new subscriptions the next working day with express delivery. Our warehouse is located in Europe and expected delivery times are as follows:

Spain – 1-2 working days
Portugal – 2-3 working days
France – 3-4 working days
Germany – 3-4 working days
Rest Of Europe – 4-5 working days

If your order has not arrived, please check the tracking information that has been sent to your email from our courier. If you still need further help, you can contact the courier directly for more information.

If you still need further help, please contact us and we will do our best to solve the problem and contact the courier ourselves.

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