Natural wormer for dogs

Natural Wormer For Dogs

Parasites are a significant concern for all pet owners. Do you know that intestinal worms can cause significant harm to your furry friends? Intestinal worms are harmful because they will eat the nutrients from their host’s food as well as blood from the host’s body. This leads to malnutrition in dogs and anaemia in them. Intestinal worms also interfere with the animal’s digestion by eating up their food before it is digested properly or causing bloating, leading to digestive problems or even death depending on the type of worm involved.

Did you know that dewormers for dogs come in different types? If your dog has worms, then there is a type of medication for them. There are also natural remedies, and some people might use the word “natural” to refer to all medications, but they’re not always safe or recommended. So how do you know what’s best for your pet? In this article, we will discuss different natural dewormers for dogs that can give your dog relief from worms.

Rabbit Ears With Fur

Is rabbit ears with fur a natural dewormer for dogs?

The fur covering the rabbit ears is actually classed as a source of fibre and has been proven to aid digestive health. The brushing action also acts naturally in protection against worms by removing parasites in your pet’s body! Who knew rabbit ear was so useful? You can use it to deworm your dog.

Cleaning your dog’s digestive tract will allow them to naturally increase the amount of nutrients their body can absorb. Furthermore, the brushing action of the fur from the rabbit ears can help brush away worms and their eggs. We have found one rabbit ear with fur once a week is enough to help as a natural wormer for dogs.

Our Natural Treat Boxes come with plain ears as standard, but if you would prefer rabbit ears with fur then simply let us know in the order notes or send us a message to swap the plain ears for furry ones.

Rabbit ears with fur are also available in our Create Your Own Boxes.

Pumpkin Seeds

Pumpkin seeds are a deworming agent in pets. Pumpkin-based products can be used as an alternative or supplement for traditional medications and will not only kill the desired worms but also help with overall health. One ingredient in particular called cucurbitacin is what makes it so effective. This amino acid paralyzes the worms making them easily eliminated from your pet body without any complications or side effects. Pumpkin seeds can be fed as a whole or can be ground in fine powder for use.


Dried coconut is a great way to make sure your dog has all sorts of nutrients for his body and also eliminates worms. Dogs love eating dried coconut, as do cats. If you give them some treats mixed in with their mealtime, they’ll be more likely to eat these since they taste well. You can sprinkle one tablespoon on the food of small dog breeds and two tablespoons on large dog breed food.


A lot of people don’t realize that their pets can benefit from eating carrots. Carrots are an excellent source for giving your dog an extra boost, and they offer many health-related benefits. One exciting thing about these orange root vegetables is how it’s been shown in studies to get rid of worms in canines.

When you feed carrots to your pets, the rough texture scrapes away any parasites or mucus in your pet stomach and creates space for better digestion. Carrots are a healthy and nutritious addition to your pet’s diet. They can be fed as an attractive treat or included at mealtimes in place of less desirable ingredients like corn or soybean oil

They contain Vitamin A, which keeps their eyesight strong; carrots also provide over 60 other nutrients, including fiber (which helps prevent diabetes) and potassium nitrate, for stronger bones.

Apple Cider Vinegar

There are many benefits of Apple Cider Vinegar for dogs. Not only is it a safe and effective way to clean up after your dog or cat, but the ACV can also be used as an antiseptic on minor wounds in case they get hurt while playing outside. But the most critical function of apple cider vinegar is that it acts as a natural dewormer in pets. ACV makes the atmosphere of the intestine unfriendly for worms, and as a result, worms are removed from the intestine.

Your vet will tell you how much ACV to use for your dog’s size and weight. For dogs, it’s best if they have around 2 tablespoons per day so consult your vet about how much is right for them. Another benefit of Apple cider vinegar is that it can make your pet’s coat shiny and healthy.


Turmeric may be one of the oldest spices in existence, and its use as a superfood also has a long history. It can be used for boosting your immune system or fighting off infections like bacteria, fungus, viruses, all while being an anti-inflammatory agent. Turmeric can also be used to get rid of worms in pets. It also helps with repairing your intestines to prevent further damage and makes the gut healthier.

Curcumin is a crucial ingredient in turmeric that can help dogs fight against medical issues. However, it’s not easy for them to digest since our furry friends don’t have the right enzymes or acids required for digestion. You can best mix it with healthy oils like coconut oils to feed your pet.


If so, consider giving them kefir. Studies have shown it as an excellent way to provide your furry friend with many health benefits. Kefir contains vitamin B12, which is crucial for optimal animal metabolism and immunity; it also helps strengthen their kidneys by boosting blood flow through urine production. Kefir can also be used to deworm your pets. Always use the goat milk kefir for your pets. Consult your vet about the dosage of the kefir to feed your pet.


This plant was first used as a herbal remedy in ancient Greece, where it was known to have soothing properties that would soothe upset stomachs and calm jitters caused by anxiety or excitement. If you want to get rid of roundworms and whipworms in your pets, chamomile will do the trick. It has been found that chamomile helps with bloating and intestinal inflammation caused by worms. Consult your vet about the dosage of chamomile. The usual dosage of chamomile in dogs is 0.25 to 0.5 ml per 20 lbs. of their body weight.


Dogs have a natural instinct to clean themselves, but sometimes they don’t bother. Introducing an effective dewormer can help keep your dog healthy by removing parasites from their system that may cause them discomfort or even death. You should consult with a veterinarian before giving any natural product to your pets, so you know the best way to administer it for each animal’s needs. When shopping around for a new product, be sure to look at our store and find a Natural Treat Box with many excellent natural snacks, including rabbit ears.

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