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Natural Dog treats

Original Box

From 25,46€

Our famous natural dog treats box contains a selection of the best, healthy, natural dog treats. 

Natural dog treats subscription box

Club Box

From 28,01€

A different selection of dog treats every month chosen by our experts. Perfect for variety.

Tough dog chews

Tough Box

From 28,01€

Looking for something tougher? This box contains only the best hard, tough and long-lasting chews. 

Natural dog treats for small dogs

Small Dog Box

From 25,46€

Our small dog treat box contains a perfect selection of treats made for smaller dogs.

Natural Treats box for puppies

Puppy Box

From 25,46€

Soft treats only. Ideal for puppies and senior dogs.

Create a box of natural treats

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Choose from our entire selection of natural dog treats and create your own box to match your dog’s needs and tastes.

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Original Box

This box contains a selection of our best-selling dog treats. These are a mixture of small, medium and a couple of large treats. Usually best for quick snacks and rewards. Best for dogs that weigh 6kg – 20kg.

Club Box

This box contains a mixture of small, medium and a couple of large treats. The contents changes every month. This is best if you want variety and a different selection each month. Best for dogs that weigh 6kg – 20kg.

Tough Box

This box contains less treats, but they are larger and tougher, such as bones and beef skin. It is perfect for dogs wanting long-lasting treats or big dogs over 20kg. Recommended for dogs that are 9 months or older.

Small Dog Box

This box contains a selection of smaller dog treats that are ideal for dogs that weigh 3kg – 6kg.

Puppy Box

This box contains only small and soft treats. It is for dogs that weigh less than 3kg, or puppies under 4 months old, or senior dogs.

This box may not be suitable for large puppies as the treats are small and soft. For large puppies, we recommend the original box but please ask us to replace the harder items.

Create Your Own Box

If you know what treats your dog prefers, you can create your own box and choose exactly which treats you want and how many.


To ensure freshness and quality, all orders are made by hand within 48 hours

The benefits of natural dog treats

A nutritionally balanced selection of dog snacks

Box of natural treats

Custom Made To Order

Personalised With Your Dogs Name

Every dog treat box is made and packaged fresh. We even include the name of your dog on the box, making each box unique and special.

Guaranteed your dog will fall in love with their natural dog treat box.

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