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How do i earn store credit?

You will 10% – 20% store credit for everyone that buys a product or subscribes using your affiliate link or coupon.

For example, if someone spends 50€ on a purchase, you will earn 5€ – 10€ store credit that you can use towards purchases and subscriptions. 

The best way to earn store credit is to share your affiliate link with other people. When they use your link to buy a product, you will earn 10% of their purchase as store credit (excluding shipping and tax).

If they subscribe, you will earn credit for every renewal they make, not just their first purchase!

You can also apply for a coupon code. This coupon code will give your followers 10% off their first box and you will receive 10% of their order as credit.

Coupon codes can not be used on subscriptions, so we recommend sharing your affiliate link as the best way to earn credit. 

Most people are earning 50€ – 100€ credit every single month.

What is my affiliate link?

Your affiliate link that you need to share can be found here:

Affiliate link

You can change your affiliate link by clicking the tab affiliate link.

This is the link you need to share with other people in order to earn store credit.

Can I get a coupon code to share with my followers?

Yes. We can make a custom coupon code for your followers to use. If anyone uses your coupon code, you will receive 20% of their order as store credit. 

The coupon code will also give your followers 10% off their first box.

Click here to apply for a custom coupon code. 

What are the tiers?

All new ambassadors start on the bronze tier. You will earn 10% credit on all orders.

The silver tier is for ambassadors that generate 11-30 orders or subscriptions per month. They earn 15% credit.

The gold tier is for ambassadors that generate 31+ orders or subscriptions each month. They earn 20% credit.

How can i use my store credit?

Your credit can be used towards purchases through our website. 

If you have a subscription, your credit will automatically be used on your next renewal.

I need help.

Please contact us if you have any questions and we will be happy to help you.