Christmas Natural Dog Treats Box

Our limited edition Christmas snack box is the perfect present for any dog. The box contains a mixture of unique natural snacks specially prepared for Christmas and is complete with your dog’s name.

Our Christmas box goes back on sale in November 2024. Please see our Club Box which is similar to this box.

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Limited Edition

Only 2000 Christmas boxes will be available across Europe and include a selection of limited edition Natural Treats.


Each box is handmade and personlised with your dog's name making this box the best Christmas present ever!

The Perfect Gift

Choose your shipping address. Perfect if you are buying for a friend or for your own dog.

Loved By Dogs

The Natural Treats in this special box are some of our most popular snacks. We guarantee it will put a smile on their face this Christmas.

What's In The Box?

Real Food. Real Taste. Real Nutrition.

Our limited edition Christmas snack box is the perfect present for any dog. The box contains a mixture of unique natural snacks specially prepared for Christmas and is complete with your dogs name and red ribbon box.



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If you do not find the answer below, please use our LIVE CHAT feature to speak to us directly. We are happy to help.

Are your treats 100% natural?

Yes. Every single dog treat and chew is 100% natural. For our sausage products, only natural ingredients are used. We do not use any additives or unnatural preservatives.

Is this box the right choice for my dog?

As a guideline, this box is suitable for dogs that are older than 4 months and weigh more than 6kg. For smaller dogs, we have our box for puppies and our box for small dogs.

The original box contains the same snacks every month. If you would like a box that changes every month, please see our Club Box.

The original box contains a mixture of different types of snacks. If you are looking for tougher snacks, we suggest our tough box.

Alternatively, you can create your own box and choose which snacks you would like.

How long is shipping?

None of our boxes are pre-made. We personalise and make every box when an order is placed. Orders are usually processed within 48 hours. Shipping times can vary depending on the location, but please allow 4 – 7 working days after the order has been processed. More information on shipping times can be found here.

How do I store the treats?

We use no plastic in any of our packaging. While this is good for the environment, it is not perfect for keeping the snacks as fresh as possible.

When the box arrives, please transfer the treats to an airtight container in a cool dry place. They do not need to be placed in a fridge. This will preserve their freshness and they will last many weeks.

My dog has allergies, or doesn’t like certain snacks, what can I do?

We understand all dogs are different. You can either create your own box and choose which treats you would like, or, you can swap items in your box for extras of others. To make changes to your box, simply let us know in the order comments section on checkout, or contact us. We are happy to make any changes needed to fit your dog’s needs and tastes.

Do any of the snacks contain dangerous bones?

No. All our natural treats are produced for consumption for dogs and have to follow strict measures set out by the EU.

For example, the chicken feet are carefully dehydrated (not cooked) to ensure they are safe for dogs.

As with any dog food product, you should supervise your dog at all times while they have their snack and discard of any bits that may break off that they should not swallow.

Always provide clean, fresh drinking water.

How many treats should I feed my dog a day?

We suggest one treat a day to gain the full health benefits these snacks provide.

You do not need to change their normal main eating habits. Most people use one treat a day as an afternoon snack, or as a reward, or for training purposes.

Do the snacks smell?

Some smell more than others, but none that “stink badly”. Remember, these treats are 100% natural and contain no chemicals that some commercially produced treats can have. Any smells will be natural and are one of the main reasons why dogs go crazy for them. Because for dogs, they smell like roses.

Do I need to subscribe or can I buy just once?

We offer both monthly subscriptions and one-time purchases. You can choose which option you want on the product page when making a purchase.

How do I cancel my subscription?

You can cancel your subscription by visiting the My Account page and Subscriptions.

If it is a temporary cancellation, please contact us and we can pause your subscription so you do not lose any offers you may be on.