Ambassador Programme

Become a Natural Treats Ambassador

What is an Ambassador?

A Natural Treats Ambassador is someone who is passionate about our mission to create a healthier, happy world. 

As an ambassador, you are given your own unique URL and coupon code that you can share with all your friends and followers on social media.

When someone orders through your link or uses your coupon code, we will reward you with a percentage of their order either as cash or as store credit.

Some of our best ambassadors are already earning over 500€ every single month!

Tiers and Payouts

Every ambassador starts off at tie bronze. That means, every time some makes an order with your link or coupon code, you can receive with 10% of that order as store credit, or, 5% of that order as cash.

As you move up the tiers, so does your commission and credit. Below is a list of the tiers and how many orders a month you need to generate to be in this tier.

Bronze: 5-10 orders per month.

Silver: 11-30 orders per month.

Gold: 30+ orders per month.

Works with subscriptions

Our ambassor payout system also works with our subscriptions. If someone joins our Natural Treats Club and receives a box every month, you will receive a commission on every future renewal they make! 

How to apply

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Use the form below to apply to be an ambassador.


Once you have been approved, we will send you the access to your ambassador dashboard. 

3. Earn

You will get a coupon code and a unique URL. Share this coupon code and URL with everyone you know and start tracking your orders and commission.

Apply Now

Terms and Conditions

1. At least 5 people a month must order to keep your status active. 

2. Your credit percentage will be taken for their total order value minus shipping and tax. For example, if someones total order value is 50€ before shipping and tax, you will earn a percentage of that amount as credit (5% – 20%).

3. You can use your credit towards new orders and subscriptions.

4. Cash payouts are made through Paypal. You must have a valid Paypal account if you choose cash payouts.

5. As an ambassador, you represent the Natural Treats brand. Please conduct all online sharing and media to match the brand standards.