Yak Sticks for dogs

Benefits of Yak Sticks for Dogs

Choosing the right dog treat can be difficult. There are many different options available and some dogs prefer certain treats over others. We understand that it can be hard to choose which long-lasting snack is best for your pet.

As a pet parent, you’ll want to consider the nutritional value and calorie content of your dog’s treats. One of the treats most popular for many dogs is the yak stick or Himilayan Milk Bar as we like to call it.

In this article, you will find everything you need to know about yak sticks and the benefits they have for your beloved pet. Helping you make an educated decision when it comes to caring for your pet’s nutrition.

What is a “Yak Stick”?

Yak sticks for dogs are chewable treats made from yak’s milk. Mostly used as dog treats now, these treats also were first developed and used to provide yak herdsmen with high levels of protein while they worked in the Himalayas. Today, they are used as a natural dog treat made with the same simple ingredient of yak’s milk.

Benefits of Yak Sticks for dogs

Yak sticks do not have any odor. So, you can expect a limited smell if you give your dog yak sticks. You might have to spend some extra time cleaning when your dog eats yak sticks because they get wet and mushy as he chews on them. But your dog will enjoy the treat so much that you won’t mind making this extra effort for his happiness.

Yak chews have a long-lasting texture and aren’t hard on the dog’s mouth or stomach. They come in a variety of sizes so that your pooch can enjoy them, no matter his breed. Once your pup has chewed his way down to a nub of a stick, you can microwave the remaining bits to serve over their kibble.

  • FDA Approved
  • Long-lasting
  • Low salt content 
  • High in protein  
  • Lacoste-free 
  • Grain and gluten-free 
  • Fully digestible  
  • Generally free from preservatives, synthetic color, or additives  

Dental benefits of Yak sticks

It’s important for your dog to chew on safe, healthy stuff. Yak sticks provide hours of affordable, safe chewing entertainment for your pet.

Pet owners love this dog treat because it helps remove plaque and promote good oral hygiene. This can help maintain healthy teeth as your pup’s age, as well as improve breath by cleaning the crevices around their teeth.

Giving dogs the right dog chews can help with anxiety, boredom, and other behaviour issues. Chewing is one of a dog’s favourite activities but keeping him or her away from inappropriate things like shoes and remotes can help keep your pet happy and healthy.

What dogs should enjoy yak sticks?

Yak chews can be a great way to keep your dog entertained, especially if he tends to chew a lot. However, they are not ideal for senior dogs or smaller dogs whose teeth might not be as strong.

According to the American Kennel Club (AKC), as dogs age, they tend to have dental issues, so it’s important to find chews that are softer. Yak sticks are quite hard on teeth. If you have an older pup or dog with dental conditions, yak sticks probably aren’t the best option for them.

Some pet parents feel that yak sticks have a hard, dense texture that makes them difficult to chew. However, most dogs love the treat and can’t get enough of it. Pet parent communities recommend you soak the yak sticks in water before feeding them to your dog, in case your pet doesn’t like the taste of a dry yak’s milk.

Risks to look out for

Many brands of dog treats claim that their yak sticks contain nutrition-dense ingredients, but these treats might actually contain ingredients that are harmful to your dog. Our Yak Sticks are made from only 3 ingredients, milk, fresh lime and a tiny pinch of salt. So whether you choose yak sticks or a similar kind of chew for your pet, make sure you know what’s in the treat and buy it from a reputable pet supply store.

Some ingredients you should avoid when choosing the best dog treats are preservatives, chemical humectants, and artificial colours. Consuming these ingredients can cause digestive issues for your pet. It can also lead to tooth decay, restlessness, and obesity.

Recommendations for a healthy dog treat

  • Yak sticks are a good source of protein, low in fat, are fully digestible, and gluten-free. But with moderation, we can always ensure a safe chewing experience.
  • Yak sticks should also be given to your pet once a week due to their high protein content.
  • Choosing the right chew based on your dog’s age and teeth health will be beneficial when choosing a yak stick treat or softer chews.
  • Always choose properly packaged sticks. Shrink-wrapped yak sticks, individually wrapped, or resealable bags provide freshness and protection from bugs and bacteria.
  • It’s important to read the ingredients list and label on any yak stick treats you purchase for your pup. Ideally, you want chews that have one main ingredient.
  • When choosing a yak stick for your pet, it’s best to select one from a reliable brand.

Will you try out Yak Sticks?

We mentioned early on the health benefits of yak sticks, the effects they have on your pet’s teeth, and recommendations to follow for a safe and healthy chewing experience. If you’re seeking nothing more than a basic chew toy for your pup, yak sticks for dogs might be what you’re looking for. They’ll bring hours of enjoyment to your dog, and they will even keep its teeth healthy and clean. All in all, yak sticks for dogs is a dependable medium-length chew that can liven up any pet’s playtime.

Finding the best dog treat for your pet can be a bit overwhelming! There are so many options and it’s important not to skip any steps when choosing one. If you’re just getting started with yak sticks and are completely in the dark, this article was made for you. Being a responsible pet parent requires research and love. Hopefully, we have helped you make a decision that will benefit both you and your pet.

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