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Best Treats For Puppies

I’m sure you’ve noticed that your puppy gets excited when you take them for a walk. This is because they are rewarded with the smells of all the other dogs living nearby. But did you know there’s something else about these walks that makes them so much more enjoyable? Food!

Unlike humans, who mostly enjoy food at mealtime, dogs and puppies love natural treats throughout the day and will often get extra happy during walks if they find some tasty snacks along the way. So what do we feed our furry friends on these daily walks? The answer is simple, natural puppy treats.

With so many options to choose from, what are the best treats for puppies? Here you will find some amazing healthy and natural treats for puppies.

Are dog treats good for puppies?

The most common question asked by most puppy owners is that are dog treats for puppies beneficial? The simple answer is yes, but there are some conditions related to it. Giving your dog healthy puppy treats is a good idea, but only if you monitor how much they’re eating. Giving them too many can cause health problems in the future and what type of treats you are feeding to your puppies.

To keep your puppy happy and healthy, it’s important to provide them with treats that are natural. Puppies can get bored very quickly when given human food or even dog-friendly options like vegetables, so the best way of keeping things interesting is by giving them natural puppy treats.

Another thing to keep in mind is that some treats are specific for certain age groups. A treat that you can feed to an eight-year-old adult dog might not be safe for your puppy. Some treats are too big and have ingredients or preservatives that could make an infant canine sick, while others may cause diarrhoea in dogs if given without care.

How to feed your dog puppy treats?

While feeding treats to your puppies, there are a few things to keep in mind. Some important things are;

  • Don’t feed too many treats to your dog. Although who doesn’t want to treat their new pup every five minutes? I know that temptation is high. But resist.  You’ll just have a lot more patience when training them with these puppy treats.
  • Don’t let your puppy eat more than 10% of their daily ration in treats. A healthy and balanced diet should consist mostly of food, with some added supplements to help them grow into strong adults! Giving a young dog too many snacks or side dishes can lead to nutritional deficiencies down the line, so only give these special items as rewards for good behavior.
  • Commercial treats are an easy way to feed your puppy without having any hassle. However, this also means that commercial brands offer them all kinds of chemicals and additives which could ruin their health in unexpected ways. So avoid feeding commercial treats to your puppies and go for a more natural option.
  • Always feed those treats to your puppies that are soft inconsistency. A puppy’s teeth are not fully developed at a young age, so they have a greater risk of breaking; treats with hard substances can cause serious damage if consumed by your dog.
  • The best way to keep your dog happy and healthy during these developmental stages is by ensuring they have the nutrients necessary for growth. Selecting high-quality and healthy puppy treats will ensure you don’t need anything else but also provides an enjoyable experience with your favorite things.
  • Treats are often used as rewards for good behavior. The best time to give your dog a treat is when he does something you like, such as sitting down or after trimming his nails instead of running around purposeless.

Best natural puppy treats

When you’re looking for healthy puppy treats that will keep your dog’s teeth and gums clean, we have the perfect solution. The Natural Treats Puppy Box contains all-natural treats made from ingredients with no artificial preservatives or sweeteners. Some soft and easy to chew treats in the Puppy Box are;

Rabbit ears for dogs

Rabbit ears are an excellent healthy treat for your puppy. They’re tasty, guilt-free snacks that will keep your dog happy with no negative side effects. Plus, they contain low odour and fat, so even sensitive stomachs can enjoy this yummy snack too. Hairy rabbit ears for dogs also act as natural dewormers and reduce the number of worms in your puppies. Read more about rabbit ears for dogs.

Soft chicken and salmon sticks

This healthy puppy treat is the perfect solution for small dogs who can’t eat large pieces of food. The sticks are made with all-natural chicken and salmon, making them an excellent source of protein as well.

Beef tails

The beef tail is an excellent chew for your puppy. The natural cartilage makes it long-lasting, crunchy, and chewy, which helps clean their teeth as they enjoy the treat. It is also soft in texture, so there will be no effect on your dog’s gums and teeth.

Dried duck breast

Your puppy can keep the crunch on with these tasty bits of dried duck breast. These are perfect training treats for puppies and a light snack. They’re made from 100% natural duck breast, so they’ll be gentle on even the most sensitive mouth, especially if you have some pups who need to chew their way through bad habits while also staying healthy themselves by eating more than just human food.

Beef lungs

The beef lung is a natural treat for dogs and can be enjoyed by puppies all the way up to senior dogs. This chew has a soft consistency, which makes it easier on teeth than rawhide or other tougher treats in order to avoid any discomfort caused by chewing too enthusiastically. Plus, its crunchy texture satisfies even the hungriest dog.

Cod sticks

These sticks are made from freshly caught, air-dried cod that has been carefully minced and shaped into uniform pieces with an average length of 13cm per stick. The Omega 3 packed texture makes it easy for your dog’s teeth to break down this nutritious snack without becoming bored quickly like some other treats on the market today.

Chicken necks for dogs

Every dog deserves a little something special in its diet. Chicken necks are a low-in fat puppy treat made from 100% poultry meat that will not only keep your dog happy but it’s guaranteed to contain no artificial colours or preservatives. They are also high in protein and calcium.


The Puppy Treat Box is a natural way to provide a delicious and healthy treat for your new dog. If your puppy is a picky eater, you can add this treat box to their daily routine and keep them happy and healthy.

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