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If your dog loves to chew for hours, then they’ll love chewing on our natural hooves. A hoof is durable, easily lasting a full day for moderate to power chewers. That’s a long time for a dog to chew.

What Are Hooves?

Lots of dog owners are making a conscious effort to feed their pup healthy food and snacks than ever before. So, we want to know whether hooves are actually good for our dogs. The good news is that this is a natural treat. It is a real hoof from a calf or cow. It is a by-product and nothing has been added, other than being cleaned and dried. It is taken from a cow or calf when they are slaughtered for meat and sold to companies. This means that you can enjoy peace of mind and know that this natural dog treat does not contain any harmful ingredients or additives. It is just a cow hoof and this makes it a good, natural product for your four-legged friend.

Are hooves safe for dogs

What Benefits Do Hooves For Dogs Have?

Dental health – Chewing is not only fun for your dog, but it is also important for scraping away plaque and tartar on their teeth. Thankfully, this is something that a natural hoof can help with. Since it is durable, it can provide a good way for dogs to clean their teeth. Simply them gnawing and chewing away at the cow hoof helps to remove plaque from the surface of the teeth. This activity on a regular basis is beneficial to your pup’s health.

High in protein – The good thing about a natural hoof is that they are not just empty calories. They are actually healthy for your pup. Hooves are constructed from keratin, which is a type of protein. This means they are a naturally high in protein snack for your beloved companion.

They can be filled and used as a natural kong toy – Lots of dogs absolutely love chewing, but some dogs can get bored very quickly if they are not getting enough rewards from their natural treat. One thing we love about the hoof is that it can be adapted for any dog. Our hooves are hollowed out so that canines can enjoy gnawing on the outside. This means that you can take advantage of this opportunity and fill it with your dog’s favourite foods. For example, for some entertainment around mealtimes, fill the hoof with raw food. You can also put in cheese or line the insides with some peanut butter. The possibilities are endless and works exactly the same way as a kong toy.

Hoofs are a tough Natural Treat and are best for dogs who are older than 9 months and already have their teeth developed. Due to the hardness of this treat, they are not recommended for puppies. They can be found in our Original Natural Treats Box and our Tough Box. Alternatively, you can make a Custom Box and add as many hooves as you like.

As with all snacks for dogs, if you choose to give them a hoof, always remember to supervise them and have fresh drinking water available.

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