Coffee Wood Chew Stick For Dogs


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Benefits of Coffee Wood Chew Stick For Dogs

Say hello to your dog’s new favourite snack—the Coffee Wood Chew Stick. This chew stick is made from natural, sustainable coffee wood, providing a safe and tasty alternative to other boring store-bought chews. It helps reduce boredom while also promoting healthy chewing habits. Plus, its unique aroma will help keep your pup’s breath smelling fresh! Coffee wood contains no caffeine.

  • 100% natural and sustainable coffee wood chew stick for dogs.
  • Irresistible aromatic scent helps freshen breath.
  • Helps build strong jaw muscles.
  • Encourages healthy chewing habits, especially during teething periods.
  • Safe and non-toxic with no artificial ingredients or chemicals.
  • Perfect sizes for smaller breeds to larger dogs.
  • Easy to carry and ideal for on-the-go snacking or playtime activities.
  • Helps reduce boredom for indoor dogs and promotes better oral health by removing plaque buildup on teeth.

What is coffee wood?

Coffee wood is a type of hardwood acquired from the branches of the coffee bean plant during their natural pruning process. It’s entirely sustainable sourced and is only harvested to help maintain optimal levels of coffee production on farms.

The density of this wood makes it a great chew toy for your dog as it is long-lasting and provides them with a healthy, safe, and enjoyable chew time. Unlike splintery woods that can be dangerous for dogs, coffee wood does not pose any such risks – making it even more pet-friendly.

Natural Coffee wood chew sticks for dogs
Coffee wood chew sticks for dogs

Coffee wood dog chews are a natural product and the perfect solution for dog owners who want to give their dogs something to chew on without compromising their health and safety. Plus, it satisfies your dog’s natural urge to chew! No matter what size or breed of dog you have, coffee wood chew sticks are sure to please both you and your furry friend!


Is coffee tree wood safe for dogs?

Coffee tree wood is absolutely safe for dogs. Many people don’t consider it as an option for their dog’s chew stick because they worry about it splintering, but that’s not a concern here. Coffee wood chew sticks are completely digestible and won’t break apart or splinter like other types of wood do. As with all natural dog treats, dogs should always be supervised and always have access to fresh, clean water to drink.

What age can dogs have a coffee wood chew stick?

We recommend that dogs start having coffee wood stick from 9 months old and up. Although this does depend on the dogs. As with all hard dog treats, coffee wood should be given only when your dog’s teeth are fully developed.

Is coffee wood digestible?

Yes, coffee wood is digestible. While coffee wood chew sticks may not have many nutritional benefits, they do offer plenty of oral health benefits for your dog. Their rough texture helps scrub away plaque and tartar buildup from your dog’s teeth as well as massage their gums for improved dental hygiene.

Does coffee wood have caffeine?

No, caffeine only comes from the coffee bean and not the wood.

What size should I get for my dog?

We have three different sizes of coffee wood. The small size is designed for dogs that weigh less than 10kg. The medium size is for dogs that weigh less than 20kg. Finally, the large size is ideal for dogs that weigh more than 20kg or dogs that are heavy chewers.


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