The benefits of Yak Sticks

Yak Sticks for Dogs: Healthy and Tasty Treats

A dog’s diet should be primarily composed of meat-based proteins, vegetables, and small amounts of healthy fats. However, this doesn’t mean that they don’t deserve a yummy treat every now and then! If you are looking for something to give your pup as a reward or just because you want them to have something special on occasion, yak sticks may be the answer. Yak sticks, also known as Himalayan Milk Bars, are made out of yak or cow milk cheese which makes them especially delicious. They’re also high in protein which helps keep dogs at their fittest. Continue reading to find out all the benefits of yak sticks and why you should include them in your dog’s diet!

The Benefits of Yak Sticks

Low odour dog treat

There’s nothing worse than giving your dog a treat and then having them smell like you’ve been cooking bacon for the past hour. Yak sticks for dogs are a low odour which means that your pup can enjoy them without offending everyone in the room.

Healthy and nutritious

Dogs need plenty of protein in their diets to stay healthy, and yak sticks definitely deliver! They’re also full of other essential nutrients like calcium, magnesium, and phosphorus which all help keep dogs at their fittest.

Fully digestible

If you have ever had to clean up after your dog has eaten something, then you know how important it is for their food to be fully digestible. These are completely safe and easy for dogs to digest so there’s no need to worry about them throwing it back up!

Long lasting treats

Most healthy dog snacks will last a few minutes in the mouth of an eager pup… But not yak sticks! They’re great because they can keep dogs occupied for quite some time without breaking apart or getting soggy like other types of chews.

Easy to store

Unlike some other high-protein dog treats, yak sticks don’t take up a lot of space. You can easily fit a pack or two in your bag or pocket so they’re perfect for on-the-go rewards.

High in protein

Dogs need protein to stay healthy and yak sticks are high in it! Protein is essential for their muscles, bones, hair, nails… pretty much every part of your pup’s body. So if you don’t want them to become frail or too thin before they reach old age, be sure to give them enough meat-based proteins throughout the day.

Benefits Of Chewing For Dogs

Not only will your pup be happy to chew on some tasty treats, but you’ll get an hour or two worth of entertainment watching them enjoy themselves! Vets and dog lovers alike love these yak chews because they help promote good oral hygiene by removing plaque. If used often enough this natural dog treat can also improve breath as well which is great for keeping those pearly whites clean between visits from the vet. Other benefits of chewing for dogs include helping with anxiety and removing bad habits like chewing on shoes or furniture.

FAQs About Yak Sticks

Are yak sticks healthy for dogs?

Yes, they are high in protein and fully digestible which makes them a great choice as a snack or training treat.

What are yak sticks made up of?

Yak sticks are a 100% all-natural dog treat that has no preservatives. These unique, chewy treats are made with yak and cow milk and lime to create the cheese flavour base!

Can I give my dog yak stick every day?

You can give your pup yak sticks as a treat every day and they’re also safe to eat every day as well.

At what age do dogs start chewing?

Pups usually begin to chew sometime around the four-month mark when they are teething! If you want your dog to be occupied for quite some time without breaking apart or getting soggy like other types of chews, then Yak Sticks could be

How long do yaks sticks last?

Depending on the size of your dog, they can be able to chew them for days or even weeks before needing a new treat!

Are yak sticks dangerous for dogs?

No, these treats are 100% natural and won’t harm your dog in any way.

Can I give my puppy yak sticks?

Yes, as long as they are at least four months old and can chew well enough to not break apart when chewing them!


If you’re looking for a healthy and tasty treat, Yak Sticks or Himilayan Milk Bars are just what your dog needs. They provide all the benefits of skin chews without any of the artificial ingredients or questionable preservatives that can be found in commercial dog treats. They can be added as an extra to any of our Natural Treat Boxes.

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