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Top 5 Doggy Treat Boxes

Since 2020, the doggy treat box is one of the most requested and searched-for pet subscription products worldwide. The doggy treat box is a selection of natural dog treats that are delivered to your home every month on a subscription basis. Last year alone, over 500,000 doggy treat boxes were sold across the world making this dog subscription box one of the most popular gifts for dogs available.

The best doggy treat box

What is the best doggy treat box?

With so many options available, what are the best doggy treat boxes and where can you buy them from?

Here are the top 5 doggy treat boxes available online:

1. Natural Treats

Natural Treats are the leaders when it comes to the doggy treat box. Created in 2020, Natural Treats provide the best selection of natural dog treats and at the highest quality.

All of the natural dog treats come from farms across Europe and UK and are 100% natural and healthy. The ingredients and nutritional value of the treats are all clearly listed on the website so you can be sure your dog is getting the best possible snacks.

The best healthy dog treats

Natural Treats offer a range of different doggy treat boxes so you can tailor the box to your dog’s needs. You can choose how often you want the box delivered and how many dog treats you want to receive in your doggy treat box.

Above all, every doggy treat box is handmade, and Natural Treats even include the name of your dog on the front of the box for that extra special touch.

natural dog treats

Unlike other doggy treat boxes, at Natural Treats you can customise your box and swap certain snacks for extras of others. For example, if your dog can not eat chicken, you can swap all the chicken products for something else.

One of the best features of Natural Treats is that you can even create your own doggy treat box and choose what natural dog treats you want and how many.

Along with exceptional customer service, Natural Treats has a rating of 4.8 on Trustpilot making this doggy treat box the best box to buy. Currently, Natural Treats has over 30,000 happy members across Europe enjoying their natural dog treats every month.

Natural Treats doggy treat box is shipped from Europe and is currently available for countries part of the European Union. Due to Brexit, this doggy treat box is not available in the UK. But don’t worry, because the second best doggy treat box is.

2. Dudley’s Natural Doggy Treats

Available all across the UK is Great Britain’s best doggy treat box, Dudley’s Natural Doggy Treats. Dudley’s was created in 2020 by Ben and his adorable dog, Dudley. They wanted to make healthy and natural dog treats without all the fuss.

When they first got their dog, Dudley, they didn’t know much about the importance of natural dog treats. They would buy whatever was on sale at the grocery store, and Dudley always seemed to enjoy them. However, after a few months, they started to notice that he was having some tummy trouble.

Therefore, Ben took Dudley to the vet, and they ran some tests. Turns out, that Dudley is allergic to wheat. With a lot of research and legwork, Ben found some natural dog treat suppliers. This is how they are able to bring you UK’s best doggy treat box to you today.

Best doggy treat box in the UK
Copyright Dudley’s Natural Doggy Treats

Dudley’s doggy treat box is available all across the UK and is the highest-rated doggy treat box on Trustpilot. Therefore, if you are in the UK, go with Dudley for your natural dog treats, and we guarantee you will be very happy.

3. Olly’s Box

If you live in Australia, then there is only one doggy treat box you need to try, and that is Olly’s Box.

Olly’s doggy treat box is a subscription box of natural dog treats, fun toys and useful accessories. This selection is perfectly suited to the size, personality and dietary requirements of your dog.

Doggy treat box Australia
Copyright Olly’s Box

Designed to help keep your dog happy and healthy, Olly’s Box is the easiest way to keep your dog in tip-top shape – and it’s so much fun! Each doggy treat box includes a variety of natural dog treats, made with only the finest ingredients. They are sure to get tail wags of approval. Plus, there are always a few surprises thrown in – like interactive toys and helpful accessories. This box is guaranteed to make your dog’s day.

This doggy treat box is available all across Australia and is rated as one of the best dog gifts available.

4. The Bark Bites

Bark Bites are a family-run doggy treat box company from South Wales in the UK. Their natural dog treats are available all across Great Britain.

At Bark Bites, they understand that your dog is part of the family. That’s why they only offer 100% natural dog treats, sourced from the UK. They also believe that your dog deserves the same quality of food as the rest of the family, without breaking the bank.

Bark bites doggy treat box
Copyright The Bark Bites

Their chief executive, Jäger, is a raw-fed dog. Bark Bites wanted to offer other dog parents the same natural options for their furry friends. They searched high and low but couldn’t find anything that met their standards. So, they decided to create our own natural dog treats and doggy treat boxes that are affordable and delicious.

Their dog Jäger approves of all of their recipes, so you can be sure that your dog will love them too!

5. Woof Doggy Treat Box

WoofBox is a doggy treat box from the UK and is a family-run business from Derbyshire.

At WoofBox, they are passionate about dogs and only want the best for them. That’s why they only source top-quality toys and treats for your furry friend. WoofBox also supports many independent UK companies. This Box will bring you new and exciting brands, often hard to find on the high street, that will enrich your dog’s life.

Copyright Woofbox

Secondly, WoofBox is proudly recommended by their customers, who know that their dog is getting the best possible care and products when they subscribe to their doggy treat box.

You can either subscribe to their monthly box or buy the doggy treat box as the perfect gift and Woof Box offer free UK shipping.

Which doggy treat box should I choose?

Whether you are looking for a doggy treat box that contains high-quality natural dog treats, or you prefer a dog subscription box that comes with toys, you can not go wrong with any of the options above.

However, for customers based in Europe, at Natural Treats we provide the leading doggy treat box on the market. Shipped from our main shop in Spain, our doggy treat boxes are delivered fast all across Europe and our multi-language customer service team are on hand to help you customise your box for your dog’s needs.

Finally, for UK customers, we recommend Dudley’s Natural Doggy Treats. Ben and his family are rated as the best doggy treat box in the UK on Trustpilot and provide exceptional customer service 7 days a week. But again, you can not go wrong with any of the options above as these 5 companies are voted for having the best doggy treat box available.

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