Bully sticks for dogs

What Are Bully Sticks For Dogs?

When it comes to bully sticks for dogs, a lot of people are unsure of what they actually are. Bully sticks, also known as dog chews, are made of dried bull pizzle. They are a long stick and can be anywhere from six inches to a foot long. They usually have a nice beefy smell to them that dogs love.

Bully sticks serve as both a chew toy and a treat for dogs. They help clean their teeth and keep them occupied for hours on end. Bully sticks come in different sizes depending on the size of your dog, so always make sure you get the right size for your furry friend!

Bully Sticks and bull pizzles

Bully sticks are also known as bull pizzles. And yes, Bully Sticks or bull pizzles are the penis of a bull. To us humans, this can sound really strange. Why would you want to give your dog part of a bull’s penis to chew on? Well, the fact is Bully Sticks are one of the most popular natural dog chews on the market. Not only are they super tough and long lasting, but they are also very healthy and low in fat. These natural dog treats have been used as dog chews since the 1500’s!

Benefits of bully sticks

At first glance, it might seem a little odd to be talking about Bully Sticks and pizzles when discussing the health benefits of dogs. After all, pizzles are an often overlooked and somewhat strange natural dog treat. However, the truth is that pizzles are actually packed full of vitamins and nutrients essential for canine health.

They contain high concentrations of calcium, zinc, Vitamin B6, and iron, which can help keep your dog’s bones strong and healthy. In addition, they also contain omega-3 fatty acids and amino acids that support joint health and immune function.

So if you’re looking for a tasty way to give your dog some real nutritional bang for its buck, then look no further than Bully Sticks and bull pizzles! Not only will they satisfy their natural instincts as carnivorous animals, but they’ll also help keep them in tip-top shape from head to paw.

Long Lasting Natural Dog Treat

Bull pizzles and Bully Sticks are chewy and nutritious dog treats that offer a variety of health benefits for our canine companions. For one thing, because they are made from natural animal products, bull pizzles are a great way to support your dog’s digestion.

They are high in protein and also rich in other nutrients like calcium and omega-3 fatty acids. Moreover, because of their robust chewiness, Bully Sticks for dogs can help to improve dental health by scraping off plaque and tartar buildup from teeth. All in all, when it comes to providing a long-lasting and healthy snack for your dog, nothing beats the timeless goodness of a wholesome Bully Stick! Bull pizzles are the ideal natural dog treat for dogs who need something tough to chew.

Pizzle shape and size

When it comes to choosing a bull pizzle for dogs, one of the most important factors to consider is size and shape. Obviously, you will want to choose a thickness that is appropriate for your dog’s chewing abilities, taking into account both its age and jaw strength.

Additionally, you will also want to consider the overall shape of the Bully Stick. While different shapes may offer different levels of challenge or stimulation for your dog, they may also vary in terms of durability or resistance to wear and tear. So it is important to find the right balance for your particular dog.

At Natural Treats, we offer our Bully Sticks at a size of 15cm. We find this is the perfect balance for most dogs without being too small or too big.

Bully Sticks are a tough natural dog treat, so only recommend them for dogs who are over 9 months of age and weigh more than 6kg.

Younger dogs can enjoy our box for puppies which is filled with soft snacks and is the perfect starting box for them to enjoy whilst their teeth develop.

Where to get Bully Sticks for dogs

These tough natural dog treats are available in our “Create Your Own Box“.

Simply select which natural dog treats you would like and how many you would like and we will create a personal box for your dog. We will even include their name on the box for that extra special touch.

Similar dog treats to Bully Sticks

If you are looking for long-lasting and tough natural dog treats, but you do not want to give your dog a Bully Stick, do not worry. There are plenty of other options available that might suit your dog.

Yak Sticks

Yak Sticks are also known as Himilayan Milk Bars are one of the toughest natural dog treats on the market.

Yak sticks are a great way to keep your dog entertained and engaged. These long, sturdy sticks are made from natural materials and are specially designed to withstand the vigorous chewing of even the most energetic dogs. But what makes yak sticks so special is their unique texture. Made from cow milk and lime, these snacks have a satisfyingly gritty texture that encourages healthy gum growth, They also help to strengthen teeth and freshen breath. So whether your dog is an avid chewer or just in need of some extra stimulation, yak sticks are a surefire way to keep him or her happy and healthy.

Cow ears

Cow ears have long proven to be popular among dog owners, due to their high nutritional value and tasty flavour. These chewy treats are packed with protein and other essential nutrients, which help to keep your dog healthy and active.

They are also a great source of Omega-3 fatty acids, which can help to improve your dog’s coat and reduce inflammation. But perhaps most importantly, cow ears provide plenty of mental stimulation for your four-legged friend. Whether you give them as an occasional snack or as part of an everyday training regimen, these treats can help to keep your dog entertained and engaged.


Hooves are a favourite treat for many dogs, and for good reason. Not only do they provide valuable nutrients and health benefits, but they are also highly satisfying to chew. Unlike rawhide or other types of dog toys, hooves allow dogs to really sink their teeth into something that can withstand the pressure. Plus, their textured surfaces provide plenty of oral stimulation, helping to keep dogs’ jaws strong and healthy.

With so many benefits, hooves have become a popular snack among dog owners looking for a safe and natural way to keep their pets happy and healthy.

Beef skin

Beef skin is a popular treat for dogs, as it is high in protein and rich in nutrients. This hearty morsel is known to be particularly beneficial for dogs suffering from dry skin or other skin-related conditions. Additionally, beef skin is a great source of fiber, which promotes healthy digestion and regular bowel movements. Perhaps most importantly, beef skin is just plain tasty for our canine companions.

Pig ears

Made from dried pork skin, pig ears offer plenty of protein and nutrients that can help keep your dog healthy and satisfied. In addition, the tough texture helps to clean teeth and promote good oral hygiene, keeping your pup’s smile sparkling bright. Pig ears are one of the most popular natural dog treats around. So if you’re looking for a tasty treat that will support your dog’s overall well-being, be sure to give pig ears a try!

All these long-lasting tough dog treats can be found in our Tough Box. This box is perfect if you are looking for a selection of tough dog treats to reward your dog with.

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