long lasting dog chews

Long Lasting Natural Dog Chews

Are you looking for long lasting dog chews that are both healthy and natural for your dog? If so, then you’re in the right place! We’ll discuss some of the longest lasting dog chews on the market. We’ll also explore their health benefits to help you make an informed decision when choosing a treat for your dog.

So if you want to give your dog something natural yet tasty to munch on, read on and discover which long lasting dog chew could be right for them.

Benefits of long lasting chews for dogs

Long lasting dog chews can offer a range of benefits to your pet, including dental benefits and helping reduce anxiety. Chewing can help keep their teeth clean and healthy, as long-lasting chews help to remove tartar and plaque.

Chewing also helps reduce anxiety levels as it releases endorphins. If your dog has a tendency to be destructive when they’re feeling anxious, a dog treat may help provide an outlet for them to chew on something

Chewing can also help keep your dog occupied and reduce boredom. Not only do these chews provide a tasty treat for your dog, they can also help to strengthen their jaw and keep them mentally stimulated.

Best long lasting dog chews

Beef skin for dogs

Beef Skin

Natural beef skin is an excellent alternative to commercial rawhide. It is packed with essential nutrients and minerals that are beneficial for your dog’s health, adding a tasty and long-lasting chew experience. Beef skin is high in protein and contains various vitamins and minerals such as zinc, iron, magnesium, phosphorus, selenium, and vitamins A & E.

The texture of beef skin for dogs is tough and chewy, making it ideal for long lasting chewing. The chewiness of the beef skin helps to keep your pet occupied and helps reduce anxiety levels.

Available in our tough box and custom box.

Bully sticks for dogs

Bully Sticks

Bully sticks are made from the bull penis. While this may sound strange, they have been popular natural dog treat due to their durability. Bully sticks are a great source of protein and contain essential vitamins that help keep your dog healthy. They also have a natural beef flavour that dogs adore.

Bully sticks are long lasting, so they’re ideal for aggressive chewers and big dogs. They are also easily digestible and very safe as they contain no bones that can splinter.

Available in our custom box.

Cow ear for dogs

Pig and Cow Ears

Pig ears and cow ears make excellent long-lasting natural chews for dogs. Pig ears are packed with protein, vitamins, minerals and antioxidants, making them a great source of nutrition for your dog.

Cow ears contain less fat than pig ears, so they are better if you are health-conscious about your dog’s weight. Both pig and cow ears are very durable and highly digestible, offering your dog hours of chewing fun without any risks.

Available in our original box, tough box and custom box.

Yak sticks for dogs

Yak Milk Sticks

Yak sticks are a natural dog treat made from the milk of yak or cows. These milk bars provide your dog with a rich, creamy and delicious taste that they won’t want to put down. Not only are Yak sticks very durable, but they are also rich in protein, amino acids and vitamins.

Yak sticks are a safe chew that can help to reduce boredom, anxiety and destructive behaviour in dogs. They also help to clean their teeth as they chew, making them a great daily treat for your pup. These milk bars are known as the toughest and longest lasting treat on the market.

Available as an add on.



Hooves for dogs make an excellent long lasting treat that can help keep your pet occupied and provide them with essential vitamins and minerals. They are a great source of protein, which helps to keep their muscles strong and healthy. Hooves are also full of calcium, which is important for maintaining strong bones and a healthy immune system. The chewy texture of hooves offers long lasting chewing fun for your dog and helps to reduce anxiety.

Hooves can be filled with a variety of different fillings such as peanut butter, dog food, or even cream cheese. We like to think of them as nature’s kong.

Available in our tough box and custom box.

Beef Trachea for dogs

Beef Trachea

Beef trachea for dogs are a long lasting and natural dog chew that offer a unique texture and flavour that your dog will love. They are made from the windpipe of a cow and contain essential nutrients such as zinc, copper, and selenium.

Not only does beef trachea provide long-lasting chew time for your dog, but it also helps to promote joint health, improved digestion and a healthy immune system.

Beef trachea also helps to reduce plaque buildup on your dog’s teeth as they chew, making it an excellent long lasting treat that is both tasty and beneficial for their overall health.

Available in our original box, tough box and custom box.

lamb legs for dogs

Lamb Legs

Lamb legs are natural dog treat that are ideal for large, aggressive chewers. These chews are made from the lower leg of lamb, which is full of protein and essential vitamins and minerals including zinc, phosphorus, magnesium and B-vitamins. The tough texture of lamb legs makes them highly durable, so your dog can keep busy without having to worry about the natural treat being destroyed too easily.

Lamb legs are perfect for big dogs as they provide long-lasting chew time and help to promote good oral health. They help to remove plaque buildup on your dog’s teeth as they chew. Reducing their risk of gum disease and other dental issues.

In addition to their long-lasting properties, lamb legs offer a unique taste and texture that most dogs love. The natural flavour is sure to make your dog happy while providing them with an enjoyable chewing experience.

Available in our original box and custom box.

paddywack for dogs


Paddywack is a long-lasting, natural dog chew with a long tradition of being enjoyed by dogs all over the world. This classic treat is made from beef muscle that has been dried and dehydrated.

The unique texture of Paddywack offers as long lasting chewing experience for your dog while providing essential nutrients such as protein, zinc, phosphorus, magnesium and B-vitamins. Paddywack helps to reduce plaque build up on your dog’s teeth as they chew, making it an excellent dog treat that not only keeps them occupied but also promotes good dental health.

Overall, Paddywack is a great long lasting natural dog chew that provides hours of chewing fun alongside important vitamins and minerals. It can be given to all types of dogs as paddywack can come in different shapes and sizes.

Available in our custom box.

Common Questions About Long Lasting Dog Chews

What dog chew last the longest?

Yak sticks are the longest lasting dog chew on the market. Yak sticks can last for days or even weeks! The sticks are made from 100% yak milk or cow, which is an all-natural, protein-rich treat that helps keep your dog healthy and active.

What is the healthiest dog chew?

The healthiest long lasting dog chews are those that are low in fat and contain essential vitamins, minerals and proteins. A great example of a long lasting, healthy dog chew is yak sticks and cow ears as they contain very little fat.

What do vets recommend for dogs to chew?

Vets recommend natural dog treats like beef skin as they are much healthier and safer than bleached rawhide. Rawhide is typically made from animal hides that have been chemically treated with bleach, formaldehyde, and other dangerous chemicals. Bleaching the rawhide also makes it more brittle and prone to splintering which can cause serious gastrointestinal issues if swallowed. Natural long lasting dog chews like beef trachea, lamb legs, and paddywack are much safer for your pup and provide long lasting chewing entertainment without the potential health risks.

Can I give my dog a chew every day?

All long lasting dog chews can be given to your dog frequently but it varies depending on the size and breed of each individual dog. For smaller breeds, one chew a day may be enough to keep them entertained and occupied for hours. However, for larger breeds, two chews may be necessary to provide enough chewing entertainment and dental health benefits.

Always make sure to monitor your dog when they are chewing long lasting treats and never leave them unsupervised.

Are long lasting dog chews safe for puppies?

Until around 9 months of age, your puppy’s teeth are developing. During this stage, you may notice your puppy chews on toys or furniture. Whilst you may be tempted to give them a hard, natural treat or bone, it is recommended not to as the dog treat could damage their teeth.

It is better to give them treats designed for puppies and softer dental chews.

What Natural Treats box is best for my dog?

For dogs that weigh less than 3kg, we recommend our box for puppies which includes a selection of soft treats. Perfect for very small dogs.

Dogs that weigh less than 6kg, our box for small dogs is ideal. It contains a mixture of natural dog treats but ones that are small enough for little dogs.

For dogs that weigh more than 6kg, our original box or Club Box is perfect. These boxes contain a mixture of natural dog treats. The difference is the original box is the same box each month and the Club Box changes each month. So if you want variety, the Club Box is for you.

Finally, our Tough Box contains only long lasting dog chews. It is the best dox for big dogs and strong chewers. You should wait until your dog is at least 9 months old before you give them this box or any other long last dog chew.

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