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Best Treats For Dogs

It’s no secret that dogs tend to love the occasional snack! But what are the best kinds of treats you can give your furry friend? Choosing from the seemingly-endless array of options in pet stores can be overwhelming, so we’ve broken down some of the best treats for dogs. From treats for puppies and senior dogs to long lasting chews for big dogs – check out our list to find out which snacks make great rewards for your pet without sacrificing nutrition or quality!


Best overall dog treat: Pig ears.

Best long-lasting dog treat: Yak sticks.

Best treat for puppies: Meaty sticks.

Best treat for senior dogs: Rabbit ears.

Healthiest dog treat: Rabbit ears with fur.

Best dental dog treat: Coffee wood sticks.

At Natural Treats, we offer a variety of tasty dog treats that are sure to please even the pickiest of eaters. Our best-selling treats are pig ears, which are great for all breeds of dogs, and beef skin, which provides a deliciously chewy texture. 

For a unique option, many customers love dried our chicken feet, which are high in protein and make a satisfying crunch when chewed on. 

Chicken feet for dogs

Rabbit ears are another popular choice, as they are a light and healthy snack that dogs can’t get enough of. 

Finally, our yak sticks are a fan favourite, as they are long-lasting and suitable for dogs of all sizes. 

No matter which treat you choose, you can feel confident in knowing that they are made from high-quality ingredients and are sure to keep your pet happy and healthy.

Best treats for puppies and senior dogs

When it comes to treats for puppies, it is crucial that the snacks are both soft and gentle on their teeth. Although it may be tempting to give them something tough to chew on, this can cause long-term damage to their teeth that can be difficult to repair. However, there are plenty of options out there that will satisfy your puppy’s cravings without harming their dental health. 

One great choice is rabbit ears, which are a nutritious and low in calorie dog treat that can also help clean your pet’s teeth. 

Plain Rabbit Ears for dogs

Soft meaty sticks are another great option as they are both delicious and easy to chew and provide a lot of healthy protein for your growing puppy. 

Beef spaghetti is another tasty treat that will keep your puppy satisfied without putting their dental health at risk. 

And finally, soft duck snacks are the perfect choice for puppies who love a little bit of variety in their snack time. 

All of these treats can be found in our box for puppies which is perfect for young and senior dogs.

Natural dog treats for puppies

Best dog chews that last a long time

When it comes to finding the best dog chews that last the longest, there are a variety of options to choose from. While there are many tough dog treats on the market, yak sticks are often considered the toughest of them all. Made from the yak’s milk and other natural ingredients, these chews are incredibly durable and long-lasting. 

Yak Sticks

Additionally, beef skin, cow ears & pig ears, hooves, coffee wood sticks, and lamb legs are also great options for dogs who enjoy chewing. Each of these chews provides a unique texture and taste that your dog will love. 

Natural Coffee wood chew sticks for dogs

Whether you’re looking for a treat to keep your dog entertained or promote dental health, there are plenty of tough dog chews to choose from and most of them can be found in our Tough Box. 

Box of tough natural dog treats and long lasting chews

Healthiest dog treats

Every dog deserves a treat now and then, but it’s important to choose healthy options that won’t harm their waistline. Luckily, there are plenty of nutritious dog treats out there that are low in calories and fat, but still packed with protein. 

Rabbit ears are a fantastic option, as they’re all-natural and contain high levels of protein and calcium. They are the best low in fat dog treat available.

Beef gullets are another great choice, as they’re a natural source of glucosamine and chondroitin to support joint health. 

Flat beef gullets

Chicken feet may seem like an odd option, but they’re a very popular treat and are rich in protein and glucosamine

Finally, duck necks are an excellent option for all types of dogs and provide a healthy dose of protein

Duck Necks

So the next time you’re looking for a healthy snack for your furry friend, consider one of these delicious and nutritious options. If you are looking for healthy dog treats, we recommend you create your own box of snacks and you can choose exactly which treats you want to include for your pet.

Best treats for cleaning dog’s teeth

As pet owners, keeping our furry friends healthy is a top priority. One of the best ways to ensure our dogs’ dental hygiene is by providing them with dental dog treats that can combat tartar buildup. 

Beef skin is an excellent option; it is low in fat, high in protein, and has a tough and chewy texture that is great for scrubbing teeth. 

Beef skin for dogs

Yak sticks are also a popular choice because they last a long time. Made from yak milk, they are hard and tasty, and your dog will have a blast chewing on them. 

For a vegan option, coffee wood sticks are ideal, as they are made from coffee bean plants and are sustainable. 

Finally, natural bones like lamb legs are perfect for satisfying your dog’s urge to chew while also providing the necessary minerals and nutrients. 

lamb legs for dogs

Best grain free dog treats

If you are looking for grain free dog treats, you are in luck. At Natural Treats, all of our snacks are 100% grain free.

We understand the importance of finding the perfect snack for your pet. That’s why we specialize in creating the best grain free dog treats on the market. Whether you have a dog with allergies or just prefer to keep their diet grain-free, our treats are the perfect solution. All our dog treats are natural to ensure that every snack is not only delicious but also nutritious. 

We hope this information helps you find the best dog treats for your pet. All our snacks boxes contain a mixture of these treats, so check out our online shop today and start rewarding your pet with the best dog treats available.

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